21 11, 2017

5 Exercise Full Body Circuit

November 21st, 2017|Blog, Bootcamp, Circuit training, Exercise, Featured, Inspiration, Workouts|

Getting your workout in doesn’t need to take a lot of time. So Here’s a quick and effective full body circuit to get you going and make you STRONGER!

Do this circuit 2-3 x a […]

21 08, 2017

Get It Done Fast with This Reverse Ladder Workout

August 21st, 2017|Blog, Bootcamp, Circuit training, Exercise, Featured, Inspiration, Workouts|

I’m all about simple, quick and effective workouts!
Metabolic conditioning (or metcon for short) is a type of training that combines strength exercises (usually 2-4) with minimal break in between. So you’re also burning a […]

28 03, 2017

Your Plank Challenge!

March 28th, 2017|Blog, Bootcamp, Circuit training, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

For my fellow plank lovers, throw these into your core routine to amp the intensity!
These 4 side plank variations focus on working one side at a time. You’ll probably notice you are stronger on […]

7 02, 2017

Your In-Home Bootcamp Circuit!

February 7th, 2017|Blog, Bootcamp, Circuit training, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

Got a set of dumbbells? Got 20 minutes to kick your own butt? Then this one’s for you. Get ready to  strengthening your core/ upper / lower body and cardio vascular system! Resistance training, bodyweight […]

26 09, 2016

Full Body Weight Workout (NO equipment needed!)

September 26th, 2016|Blog, Bootcamp, Circuit training, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

I’ve got a great new workout circuit for you if you’re looking for best bang for your time! NO you don’t need any equipment (so perfect for a travel workout) but YES it is challenging […]

17 10, 2015

Full Body Workout -> 2 Minute Super Sets

October 17th, 2015|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

Alright kids.. Here we go with another Just Get Fit workout..
As usual, this one utilizes very little equipment and space, yet tackles the whole body (upper, lower, core, and cardio of course!).
Again, we’re working […]

1 01, 2015

How To Make Positive, Lasting Changes This Year… and why we should scratch the word “resolution”

January 1st, 2015|Blog, Featured, Inspiration, Q & A|

The New Year is now officially upon us. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Well, if you’re like most, you have at least one resolution. And, if you are like the majority of these promise-makers, your resolution is probably related to health and fitness….somewhere in the realm of eating healthier, exercising more, and losing weight.

While resolutions are well intentioned, unfortunately most people fail at keeping them. With all the hype surrounding these promises, it’s easy to get caught up in them without really taking them seriously.

As a fitness/nutrition professional I see clients who have the best intentions of achieving these goals, and they will start out roaring like a lion out of the gate. Completely changing all their habits (which I think is the first problem), but then get discouraged after a few weeks as they do not see immediate results, only to eventually give in the towel feeling defeated. Something gets lost between great intention, initial action and sustained behavior.

So what is the secret to successful resolutions?  What makes that small percentage of people (studies show under 20%) achieve and stick to their desired change? After all, we have all heard stories of people making some pretty extraordinary changes to their lives which started from a New Year’s resolution. Which is why I have reached out to good friend and amazing Life Coach Melissa Penton to help fill in the important gaps on making and sustaining huge life changes.. She offers some great, useful advice below…

2 06, 2014

The 100 Rep Workout.. try this circuit today!

June 2nd, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

You read right.. you will complete 100 repetitions of each exercise in this circuit 🙂

Looking for a new full body challenge? Give this one a try. What makes it so special is that it is all goal oriented. By the end you’ll have completed 100 repetitions of each exercise.. Now that’s quite the ambitious goal; yet so rewarding at the end!

I do this kind of workout with my bootcampers and PT clients once in a while and they always get a kick out of it. What’s more gratifying than knowing you just completed 100 reps of a certain exercise? How about completing 100 reps of 4 different exercises, all in the same workout. That’s right! Yes, my clients may curse me as I explain their challenge ahead, yet all this is forgotten afterward when they are re-energized and high fiving after realizing what they just achieved. The key with this kind of format, is to choose exercises that target different muscle groups at once in order not to fatique one particular muscle to failure before being able to complete all the reps, since we have 100 of them to do after all!

This is the exact workout I did with a group of mine recently. Afterward, I got a few asking me to send them the workout so they could try it on their own. So I decided just to post it for all of you to try! Remember this is a tough one, but you feel so amazing after you’re done!  Give it a try and let me know how it went. Feel free to post any comments/questions on my Facebook or Twitter pages. Or contact me directly

1 05, 2014

Q & A – What’s More Important For Reaching My Weight Loss Goals: Cardio or Strength Training?

May 1st, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Q & A, Workouts|

My answer in short, is BOTH. But lets delve into WHY!

First off let me start by addressing this very common mentality people still have of needing to separate cardio exercise from weight training. This way of thinking is out-dated and just plain false. Many of us are still influenced by this old-school mindset which falsely labels and separates 2 “types” of exercising at extreme ends of the spectrum- Either you weight lift to bulk up like a bodybuilder OR you do an hour of steady state aerobic exercise to lean out like a marathon runner.

22 04, 2014

Ditch the Dairy – The Wonderful World of Plant Based Alternatives

April 22nd, 2014|Blog, Featured, Nutrition|

Dairy is highly inflammatory and high in unhealthy saturated fats linked to increased heart disease. Furthermore, the protein in dairy is very hard for humans to digest. In fact, about 75 percent of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Allergies, acne, asthma, arthritis and eczema have all been linked with dairy consumption. It’s not hard to believe that dairy- naturally intended to fatten baby cows, will have a fattening effect on human bodies as well. While it may seem impossible to give up your ice cream or cheddar addiction, even swapping out cow’s milk for a non dairy milk in your diet can save you from a bounty of health issues. Luckily, we now have so many healthier, and tastier, alternatives to choose from for a dairy-free lifestyle. See what works best for you!