For my fellow plank lovers, throw these into your core routine to amp the intensity!

These 4 side plank variations focus on working one side at a time. You’ll probably notice you are stronger on one side than the other, which is exactly why unilateral exercises like these are so important to help even out muscular imbalances.

PLUS!! By incorporating different plains of motion to a traditionally static exercise we get more bang for our plank buck!


  • 1 light DB (5-10lb)


  • Complete the following 4 exercises back to back (10 reps each /side) taking minimal break in between.
  • Complete 3-4 rounds.
  • Take 60 sec break between each round completed.

The 4 Side Plank Exercises:

(see video above for demos of each)

  1. LATERAL RAISE –  x10/side
  2. HIP DIP – x10/side
  3. ROTATION – X10/side
  4. ELBOW TO KNEE CRUNCH – X10/side

Key Points:

  • Do both sides of each exercise without breaking your plank.
  • Keep bottom hip up and engaged to maintain a straight line from foot to shoulder (except for the active flexion in the hip dip variation)