stopwatchAlright kids.. Here we go with another Just Get Fit workout..
As usual, this one utilizes very little equipment and space, yet tackles the whole body (upper, lower, core, and cardio of course!).
Again, we’re working with the clock. You know I looove timed workouts (hence the stopwatch in my logo!) This one is very simple and direct… yet VERY CHALLENGING.. but that’s why we’re here isn’t it? – to get a no nonsense full body workout and be able to fit it in with our schedule and whatever space we have to complete it in!


  • A pair of challenging Dumbbells (10-15lbs)
  • A mat


  • Set your timer to 2 minutes for each superset 
  • Starting with superset 1 – complete 10 reps each of exercise a) and b) back to back for the full 2 min. (*except the lunge bicep curl set is continuously one exercise for the whole time.. this one will get your blood pumping!!)
  • Work your way through all 6 sets in order.
  • Take 20-30 second break between sets.. max!
  • Complete 2 rounds of the whole workout (1-6)
  • For an extra bonus challenge, at the end of each 2 min. set, complete 5 burpees.. Yaaay more burpees !! 😉
  • Superset 1 will be your warm-up


Remember.. 10 reps of each back to back for 2 minutes.. Now let’s start!!
(* Check out videos of the exercises in bold for proper form)

Superset 1 (Warm-Up)
a)  Squat Touch + Reach
b)  T-Plank 

Superset 2*
a)  Reverse Lunge + Bicep Curl

Superset 3
a)  Squat Press
b)  Bent Over Rows

Superset 4
a)  Squat Jumps (same as warm-up squat but jump up you reach)
b)  Push-ups

Superset 5
a)  DB weighted Sit-Up (keep DB locked straight overhead as you come up)
b)  DB russian twist

Superset 6
a)  Mountain Climbers
b)  Forearm plank + jacks