Working the lower body and core muscles together in the same workout is a great way to maximize your exercise time and return. Why? Because both of these muscle groups complement each other very well. You absolutely need to fire your abs when completing any proper squat, lunge or deadlift variation- our main lower body compound exercises. I find when I superset a leg circuit with an abdominal circuit it forces me to focus extra hard on keeping my core engaged not only on the ab portion, but especially on the lower body exercises, and as a result, getting a lot more return from my workout. Give this circuit style workout at try, at home or in the gym. It does call for a few sets of dumbbells (DBs), but if you only have 1 set, don’t worry just use it. Most of these exercises can even be done just using your body weight. I’ve conveniently attached links to video demos for certain exercises that may be slightly more complex.

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Ok enough talking.. now go get yourself moving and fit!



  • Complete the 6 circuits below, which alternate between legs and abs circuits.
  • Complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving onto the next one.
  • Take 30 seconds break after each round, if you need. Same for between circuits. But try taking minimal to no break between exercises in the same round


1- Legs:
       DB Step back lunges X15/leg. (Do 15 reps all on one leg then move to the other )
*Increase weight each round. For example Rd 1- 10lbs, Rd2- 12lbs, Rd3- 15lbs

2- Abs:

  1. DB weighted situps X20
  2. DB russisn twists X30
  3. Ab hip raises X40

3- Legs:

  1. DB Squats X20
  2. Sumo squat bottom pulse (Use DBs)  X20
  3. Jump lunges X20

4- Abs:

  1. Crunches with legs up X20
  2. Ab leg raises X20
  3. Windshield wiper oblique twists (straight leg, or bent to modify) X20

5- Legs:

  1. Wall sit (Round 1- 30 sec. Round 2- 45 sec. Round 3- 60 sec)
  2. Jump squats X20
  3. DB romanian deadlifts X20

6- Abs:

  1. Bicycle abs X30
  2. Forearm plank + hip dips X30