I’m all about simple, quick and effective workouts!

Metabolic conditioning (or metcon for short) is a type of training that combines strength exercises (usually 2-4) with minimal break in between. So you’re also burning a ton of calories, because you’re constantly moving from one move to the next

What makes this specific circuit even more effective is we are going to decrease the number of reps each round (called reverse ladder training). This way you will be more successful at completing each and every rep, since work load will gradually decrease as your body is getting more and more tired.

The key with this type of workout is to combine exercises that target different muscle groups, so you don’t over fatigue one set of muscles.



  • 1  or 2 DBs (make sure weight is challenging to get strength gains)
  • Bench (a chair or counter will work)



  • Complete these 4 exercises back to back, as a circuit. (Demo in video above).
  • Start with 16 reps of each on the first round, then 14, 12, 10, 8, and finish with 6 on the last round. (So 6 rounds total), taking as little break as possible in between.

Wanna kick it up a notch? Time how long it takes you to complete the full workout. Try to improve your time the more you do the workout.


The Exercises

  1. Bulgarian lunge *
  2. Renegade row *
  3. Front loaded squat
  4. Bench push-up

* The first two exercises are single sided so make sure to complete the number of reps on EACH side!