Got a set of dumbbells? Got 20 minutes to kick your own butt? Then this one’s for you. Get ready to  strengthening your core/ upper / lower body and cardio vascular system! Resistance training, bodyweight plyometrics, as well as core stability are all tested here..


  • 1 set of heavy DBs


  • Complete the following 4 exercises back to back for 60 sec each, with no break in between.
  • Complete 3-4 rounds.
  • Take 60-90 sec break between each round completed.

The 4 Exercises:

(see videos above for demos of each)

1) Squat + bicep curl + shoulder press

2) Renegade rows x2 + Bent over rows x2

3) Jump lunge/squat

4) One arm plank/push-up (30 sec/side *no break between)