You read right.. you will complete 100 repetitions of each exercise in this circuit ūüôā

Looking for a new full body challenge? Give this one a try. What makes it so special is that it is all goal oriented. By the end you’ll have completed 100 repetitions of each exercise.. Now that’s quite the ambitious goal; yet so rewarding at the end!

I do this kind of workout with my bootcampers and PT¬†clients once in a while and they¬†always get a kick out of it.¬†What’s more gratifying than knowing you just completed 100 reps of a certain exercise? How about completing 100 reps of 4 different exercises, all in the same workout. That’s right! Yes, my clients may curse me as I explain their challenge ahead, yet all this is forgotten afterward when they are re-energized and high fiving after realizing what they just achieved.¬†The key with this kind of format, is to choose exercises that target different muscle groups at once in order not to fatique one particular muscle to failure before being able to complete all the reps, since we have 100 of them to do after all!

This is the exact workout I did with a group of mine recently. Afterward, I got a few asking me to send them the workout so they could try it on their own. So I decided just to post it for all of you to try! Remember this is a tough one, but you feel so amazing after you’re done! ¬†Give it a try and let me know how it went. Feel free to post any comments/questions on my Facebook or Twitter pages. Or contact¬†me directly


  • Perform the set of 4 exercises below 7 times in a circuit style.
  • Take a 30-45 sec break between sets.
  • Each exercise is 14 reps except on the final set add 2 reps to each (X16)¬†to complete a total of 100 reps of all the exercises.
  • Use challenging dumbbells (DBs) that enable you to feel the weight throughout each rep. The circuit is designed so that you shouldn’t have to drop to a lighter weight as workout progresses.

EXERCISES (see images of each below):

  1. Forearm plank + knee to elbow (alternating knees each rep)  X14
  2. Squat + DB Shoulder Press X14
  3. DB Deadlifts X14
  4. Burpees X14
    30-45 sec break

Forearm plank + knee to elbow

Squat + DB Shoulder Press

DB Deadlifts