Today’s workout involves a circuit of 8 exercises that target pretty much the whole body, with a focus (as always) on core work. As stated many a time before, I love timed exercises! They lend themselves to various fitness levels since one can go at their own pace for the time allotted. I often use this kind of structured circuit for my own bootcamps. My participants always comment on how quickly the workout goes by this way!


  • Mat
  • Stability Ball
  • A pair of dumbbells (5-10 lbs)
  • Timer. Interval timer best. I use the Gymboss timer, to set 2 alarms. One for 90sec, one for 20sec that go off back to back continuously


  • Complete the exercises below for 90 sec each, in a circuit style (1-8)
  • Take a 20 sec break between each exercise
  • Repeat the circuit three times (or even just twice if you’re short on time)
  • See below for videos of exercises marked with a *


  1. Alternating forward lunges (holding DBs in hand)
  2. Walkover push-ups with rotation*
  3. Wide squat pulses: Hold bottom of a wide stanced squat and pulse for time
  4. Stability ball tucks*
  5. Squat + overhead DB shoulder presses: DBs at shoulder height as you squat down. Press DBs up as you stand up.
  6. Stability ball plank: Forearms on ball. Feet on floor. Hold!
  7. DB bent over rows
  8. Side forearm plank + hip raise (switch sides halfway)

Stability ball tucks:

Walkover push-ups with rotation: