This workout is very simple yet super effective. The focus is on core and upper body. Give it a go if you dare!


  • 2 sets of  dumbbells  – 1 medium + 1 lighter for the reverse flies. (*if you don’t have 2 sets of dbs you can always use cans or even tennis balls as the reverse fly does not demand a very heavy weight since it targets a very small yet important set of muscles behind the shoulders.)


  • Complete the following 10 exercises back to back as a circuit with no break in between – 10 reps of each.
  • Complete 5 rounds of the circuit taking 60-90 sec break between each round.
  • Aim for 8-9 minutes to complete each round.

The Workout (scroll over selected exercises for video demos):

  1. Burpees w/ pushup (option to just pushup for lower impact)
  2. V-ups (arms overhead)
  3. Plank shoulder taps (x10/side)
  4. Forearm plank + knee to elbow (x10/side)
  5. “Windshield Wiper” abs (x10/side)
  6. Renegade rows (x10/side)
  7. Shoulder presses
  8. Lying leg to hip raise
  9. Forearm plank hip drops (x10/side)
  10. Reverse flies