Take some of the most portable, versatile and effective pieces of equipment – the glider disks –  add upper body /core strength to the mix and you get this awesome challenging circuit. For this kind of workout I like to time vs count reps to be able to focus on form. It’s not long so you can add this mini circuit on to the end of your own workouts. But don’t be fooled-  after 4 rounds your whole body will be shaking.


  • 1 pair of glider disks
  • 1 set of medium dumbbells


  • Complete these 3 exercises back to back for 60 sec each. (30 sec / side for the last one).
  • Take minimal to no break between exercises. 60 sec break between rounds.
  • Repeat this circuit 4 times.


1️⃣ Glider tuck in + bicep to shoulder press
2️⃣ Glider mountain climbers x6 + renegade rows X1/arm
3️⃣ Glider plank knee to elbow (externally rotating hip) + knee to opposite elbow (internally rotating hip)