6 08, 2013

Vegetarian. Delicious. Protein Packed. Possible? Yes!

August 6th, 2013|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

Buckwheat?.. But not wheat at all! Look to this gluten free seed as an alternative to rice or oatmeal. Buckwheat is not even a grain. It is a fruit seed related to rhubarb, yet has the texture and filling aspect of grains, thus making it a suitable and delicious gluten free alternative. It is also loaded in fibre with 5 grams per 1 cup serving. The good news keeps getting better…. It is a complete protein! YESSS.. This means it containins all nine essential amino acids, including lysine (usually the amino acid that is lacking in most veg proteins), making it an excellent vegetarian protein and fiber source! Hooura.. for all of you vegetarians who are finding beans & rice or quinoa a little redundant to satisfy your proper protein intake.






18 07, 2013

Protein Pancake Video Shoot -> LifeStyleVideos.com

July 18th, 2013|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

I got the chance recently to share one of my favorite healthy and delicious breakfast recipes with a terrific lifestyle website called lifestylevideos.com.
Check out the video below.. As well as the site’s post here with […]

12 06, 2013

Recipe – Spicy Avocado Chicken Sandwich

June 12th, 2013|Blog, Recipes|

Summer is here… That means so is grilling and patio partaaay time! This is a tasty and easy burger pretty much anyone can make at home, either on the grill or in a pan. I’ve come across similar recipes which asked for a ton of mayo, so I decided to come up with one that is just as delicious (even more in my opinion) yet much healthier. The addition of the dijon and sriracha ads bite, flavour, and keeps the amount of mayo down, making it also much lighter.. perfect for summer 🙂


8 04, 2013

Asian salmon & mango salad

April 8th, 2013|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

Salmon is one of my favorite things in the world- flavour AND nutrition wise. Not only is this delicious fish filled with healthy omega-3 Fats, (improve brain, heart and overall cell function), salmon is a great source of protein, which is crucial for anyone who exercises regularly in order to feed those working muscles- the heart included of course! Salmon is very versatile in the way it can be prepared. For this particular dish, I was inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe (also called Asian salmon incidentally). My version is more nutritionally dense; I omitted the noodles and added more veggies. In short, I made it healthier and simpler so that anyone can cook it up even on a busy weeknight.
Give it a try,  you won’t regret it 🙂


13 12, 2012

Recipe: Crispy brussel sprout leaves with caramalized onions

December 13th, 2012|Blog, Recipes|

This tasty recipe makes for a perfect vegetable side dish to any holiday meal. Its nutritious, delicious, and most of all is a cinch to make and requires very few ingredients… Woohoo! What else can you ask for! 😉




25 09, 2012

Recipe: Healthy Butternut Squash Fries

September 25th, 2012|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

Now that Fall is officially under way, so winter squash season here in Ontario. So many beautiful varieties  to choose from; one of my personal favorites being butternut squash, especially baked in the oven as “fries”. Yes fries! They are delicious. True they don’t get quite as crispy as potato fries. That is because they are much less starchy and contain more water (they actually shrink quite a bit when baked). Not to mention the type of starch found in winter squash have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-diabetic and insulin-regulating properties. Sounds like a win win situation!

20 08, 2012

Recipe: Protein packed kale & zucchini noodle salad

August 20th, 2012|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

While the summer months are coming to an end there is still time to load up on fresh cool ingredients like a delicious salad loaded with super food goodness. This is one of my faves, and will keep you full and feeling healthy in and out!

30 07, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Trendy Kale

July 30th, 2012|Blog, Nutrition, Recipes|

My friend and fellow Nutritionist Ashleigh was great to write a guest blog post for Just Get Fit on her vast knowledge of this nutritionally packed vegetable. She is also a kale chip making expert; so Ashleigh shares with us her secret to making the perfect kale chips. Yes I’ve had them a bunch of times, and they are definitely delicious, if not slightly addictive! Read on for some impressive health facts and a yummy recipe to finish off..
Kale has become trendy. Yes, kale, as in the leafy green vegetable. It has become the cool kid in class – the football player with the 95% academic average who is going to Yale next year. Kale is going to Yale! Anne Hathaway did a kale diet. NBC profiled Uma Thurman’s “Smash” smoothie, which includes kale. Toronto has a restaurant named Kale (delicious, by the way). It’s even becoming an increasingly popular baby name.

25 06, 2012

Recipe: Coconut Fennel Crusted Salmon

June 25th, 2012|Blog, Recipes|

 I got a lot of requests for this recipe that I posted a picture for on the net and left everyone in the dark about how I made it.. There is something about the flavour combination of coconut and fennel which is magical- the two complement each other so perfectly.


12 06, 2012

Recipe: Blueberry Protein Pancakes

June 12th, 2012|Blog, Recipes|

It is no secret that I love my protein packed breakfasts. My personal favorite is  oatmeal, as  it is easy to make, and you can blend almost any of your favorite ingredients to it. This allows you to create the correct macronutrient ratio depending on what your day ahead entails (ie protein, fats, carbs). The result keeps me energized, without feeling heavy- especially when I am almost always exercising first thing in the morning!