6 11, 2013

November Workout Playlist + *Free Download*

November 6th, 2013|Blog, Music|

Download this playlist, suit up, head out.. and get moving!

Here we go with another instalment of some of my favorite tunes for working out. I’ve used these songs tons of times in my spin […]

21 10, 2013

New Workout Playlist – My Favorite Remixes #1

October 21st, 2013|Blog, Inspiration, Music, Workouts|

10 of my favorite remixes of great tunes to add to your workout playlist. Use these a ton in my spin classes.. Participants (and myself) love love remixes of their favorite songs to push […]

3 10, 2013

October Workout Playlist – 70s & 80s REMIXES (*Free Download!)

October 3rd, 2013|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Inspiration, Music|

Here is a compiled playlist of 15 of my favourite newly remixed hits from the 70s and 80s. The updated sound and killer beats make these ideal to add to your workout playlists! I can tell you spinners definitely love when we play some retro tunes once and a while. I think it allows them to hone into their youthful energy deep inside to help them push that extra little bit through a drill!

Enjoy the tunes.. AND THE FREE DOWNLOAD!! (full song & artist detail below)
Justine 🙂


3 09, 2013

10 Song Playlist To Fuel Your September Workout

September 3rd, 2013|Blog, Music|

I have a lot of clients ask me about the music I use in my fitness classes and where to find it for their ipods and such. It’s tough since I find a lot of my tunes all over the web, music blogs etc. So I’ve been trying to find a way to share them so you can directly access and download them for yourself.
So voila! Here is a short playlist to kick-start your Fall workouts.  Not only can you stream it, but now also DOWNLOAD the whole playlist for FREE. Finally! HAPPY WORKOUT KIDS!

(Full artist info below as well.)


17 04, 2013

Upbeat Workout Playlist

April 17th, 2013|Blog, Music|

Last week, fellow personal trainer and founder of Hive Health Media health blog, Doug Robb posted an article entitled “Angry Workout Music”. I then asked if I could share with him, and the rest of you of course, some upbeat workout music! Through years of teaching fitness classes, and just training for myself, I have covered a wide range of genres- rock, house, pop, 80’s ..etc. BUT the common theme across the board is the upbeat rather than angry nature of the music (to each his own of course..) especially when looking for tunes to motivate you through a tough cardio workout. I thought many of you could relate and/or use some of them for your own.

Robb kindly shared my playlist on his blog. Check it out: 25 Awesome Workout Tunes

If you like those, check out the list below.
Now go get yourself moving!! 🙂

19 11, 2012

Workout (Spinning) Playlist

November 19th, 2012|Blog, Music|

A couple weeks back one of my regular spinning students approached me about getting the names of some of the songs from that spin class. I mentioned how I often share my full class playlists on my 8tracks music page (an online music sharing site) which is accessible to anyone. She said she had checked it out and liked the idea but the only downside was that for a given playlist, each song plays one at a time with a limit on the times you can skip a song; the idea being to encourage the listener to stream through whole playlist from beginning to end. So I understood her frustration if she wanted to see the playlist as a whole and look up the songs that interested her most.
Sooo… she suggested this: