16 12, 2015

Workout: Keep fit for the holidays with this full body workout

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20 11, 2015

Workout: Legs & Abs Superset Circuit

November 20th, 2015|Blog, Exercise, Workouts|

Working the lower body and core muscles together in the same workout is a great way to maximize your exercise time and return. Why? Because both of these muscle groups complement each other very well. You absolutely need to fire your abs when completing any proper squat, lunge or deadlift variation- our main lower body compound exercises. I find when I superset a leg circuit with an abdominal circuit it forces me to focus extra hard on keeping my core engaged not only on the ab portion, but especially on the lower body exercises, and as a result, getting a lot more return from my workout. Give this circuit style workout at try, at home or in the gym. It does call for a few sets of dumbbells (DBs), but if you only have 1 set, don’t worry just use it. Most of these exercises can even be done just using your body weight. I’ve conveniently attached links to video demos for certain exercises that may be slightly more complex.
If you have any further questions regarding this workout or any other workouts on my site please don’t hesitate to contact me! I always look forward to hearing form you. Also, follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more useful exercise/nutrition posts.
Ok enough talking.. now go get yourself moving and fit!

17 10, 2015

Full Body Workout -> 2 Minute Super Sets

October 17th, 2015|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

Alright kids.. Here we go with another Just Get Fit workout..
As usual, this one utilizes very little equipment and space, yet tackles the whole body (upper, lower, core, and cardio of course!).
Again, we’re working […]

17 02, 2015

Workout: 3 Exercise / 20 Minute Circuit

February 17th, 2015|Blog, Exercise, Workouts|

Sometimes the simplest workouts are the toughest and most efficient. That’s exactly what you’re getting from this one. With just these 3 exercises, you are ultimately working your whole body from head to toe!

The key with this kind of workout is to choose 3 exercises that complement each other well and that target a bunch of different muscle groups synergistically. Also, it’s a good idea to match 2 challenging compound exercises (in this case squat press and half burpee) with 1 lower impact single joint exercise (tricep extension) which will help balance out the work load by giving your larger muscle groups a chance to recover slightly while you’re still working and keeping your heart rate up. The key is to make the workout challenging yet sustainable throughout.

All you need is 1 challenging dumbbell (10-20 lb) and a timer. Also, this workout is not long to complete – about 20 minutes. But it’s the most efficient 20 minutes you’ll get out of a workout. So in other words- nothing to lose, and no excuses!
Scroll over each exercise for videos of proper execution of movements.

Squat + Dumbbell Overhead Press
Overhead Tricep Extension
Half Burpee


Round 1 introduces the 3 exercises, for proper form. So take your time to complete each rep and use the break between exercises.
Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5 are geared towards completing as many reps as you can in the 45 seconds with no breaks between exercises, culminating with the last and toughest round where all 3 exercises are performed back to back. This will definitely get your heart and all muscles pumping!
After each round take just enough break (max 30 sec) to grab a sip of water and towel off the sweat!

18 12, 2014

Workout: 600 Rep Challenge

December 18th, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Workouts|

It’s time for another challenge. One of my favourite types of workouts are those with an end goal, that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve exerted that last breath to complete a challenge. An example of this is to give myself or my clients a certain rep goal, (in this case a whopping 600 reps) in order to feel like you’ve conquered the top of a mountain, when maybe you didn’t think you could at the beginning. 

It’s super simple to set up this workout, yet it definitely seems very daunting at the beginning, but trust me, keep with it and you’ll be flying at the end of your workout you’ll be so high on endorphins. I would suggest doing this workout in a group or with a buddy to feed off each others energy and keep each other going and motivated throughout.

The key for this 600 rep challenge is to pick exercises that target large muscle groups in order to get the most strengthening affects as well as get your heart pumping and sweat flowing. It is up to you if you want to target mostly the upper, lower, or, if you’re like me, you want to make it a full body workout. As soon as you throw in lower body compound exercises, you will automatically get your heart rate up higher and quicker since that is where your largest muscles in your body are, leading to increased strength and cardio-vascular benefits. I of course love this incentive, so that’s why I almost always include a squat or lunge type exercise in there! You get the best bang for your buck.

1 12, 2014

Best of Oct/Nov 2014 Workout Music Playlist.

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Here we go again friends- another workout playlist for you to add to your collection. These are some of my favourite tunes I’ve used these past 2 months in my spin classes and for […]

20 10, 2014

New Workout: Unilateral Lunge Circuit

October 20th, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Workouts|

This workout will have your LEGS & GLUTES screaming! Try it today…

Working unilaterally, or one side at a time, is a great way to work both your stronger and weaker leg individually. This kind of training helps to balance out muscular imbalances which can ultimately lead to injury due to overcompensation of your stronger side. Just a warning- You will feel this your thighs and glutes not only during the workout, but for a couple of days after. So you may as well just invite the burn. Best of all, all you need is a set of dumbbells for this workout- No excuses!

A pair of dumbbells (5-10 lbs)
Your body ready to push!


24 07, 2014

Want to try a BOOTCAMP style workout right at home? Give this one a go!

July 24th, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Workouts|

I have another killer workout for you to try- at home, at the gym, or even outside. This is a perfect example of a a typical Bootcamp class with me!

Simple, challenging and effective. Those are the qualities of a successful bootcamp workout in my opinion. So this is what I keep in mind when planning each of my classes. Here is a no nonsense workout that encompasses all these qualities. You know how I love my circuit training 😉

21 07, 2014

Q & A: What is circuit training and how can it benefit my fitness goals?

July 21st, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Q & A, Workouts|

In essence, with circuit training, the benefits are twofold. First off, you can be way more creative with your workouts, since circuit training is all about mixing and matching various exercises that target all […]

2 06, 2014

The 100 Rep Workout.. try this circuit today!

June 2nd, 2014|Blog, Exercise, Featured, Workouts|

You read right.. you will complete 100 repetitions of each exercise in this circuit 🙂

Looking for a new full body challenge? Give this one a try. What makes it so special is that it is all goal oriented. By the end you’ll have completed 100 repetitions of each exercise.. Now that’s quite the ambitious goal; yet so rewarding at the end!

I do this kind of workout with my bootcampers and PT clients once in a while and they always get a kick out of it. What’s more gratifying than knowing you just completed 100 reps of a certain exercise? How about completing 100 reps of 4 different exercises, all in the same workout. That’s right! Yes, my clients may curse me as I explain their challenge ahead, yet all this is forgotten afterward when they are re-energized and high fiving after realizing what they just achieved. The key with this kind of format, is to choose exercises that target different muscle groups at once in order not to fatique one particular muscle to failure before being able to complete all the reps, since we have 100 of them to do after all!

This is the exact workout I did with a group of mine recently. Afterward, I got a few asking me to send them the workout so they could try it on their own. So I decided just to post it for all of you to try! Remember this is a tough one, but you feel so amazing after you’re done!  Give it a try and let me know how it went. Feel free to post any comments/questions on my Facebook or Twitter pages. Or contact me directly