Getting A Full Body Workout in Doesn’t Get Much Simpler Than This.

Looking to get squeeze in a few workouts during the holidays but are limited with space / time / equipment? All you need for this one is 1 challenging dumbbell and your own body weight. With these 4 exercises you’ll be tackling all sorts of muscles from head to toe. And you’ll still have time leftover to spend with the family afterwards!


  • 1 challenging dumbbell


  • Complete 10 reps of each exercise per side.
  • Repeat this circuit 4 times.


  1. Squat + reverse wood chop
  2. Lateral lunge + press
  3. Curtsey lunge + bicep curl
  4. Hinge (Brazilian) lunge + bent over row

Here’s why you’re working everything with this circuit:

  • The reverse wood chops allow for core and rotational mobility while the lower body loads the movement
  • The lateral lunge + press allow for lateral movement as well as a powerful overhead shoulder press
  • The curtsey lunge brings together all plains of movement (sagittal, frontal and transverse) and combines this with an upper body bicep curl exercise
  • The Brazilian lunge with row is one of my favorites. It combines glute and back engagement all in one singe move.