2014 is in full gear. Some of us have all sorts of resolutions to get fitter. I believe sometimes we try to do to much, push ourselves past our fitness limits in the new year; hence why the same gyms that are crammed the first few weeks of the year, become deserted by the time February rolls around. I’ve seen this year in year out in every gym I’ve worked at or fitness class I’ve taught.. And I KNOW you know it’s true too come on!

So first workout of the year is a simple 10 exercise circuit. Complete just 10 reps of each before moving to the next; that’s right no more than 10. We want to ease ourselves back into exercise shape. We don’t want to injure our body trying to put it in overdrive.. It’s just not worth it! It will only discourage you even more and delay your goals of getting back on that exercise horse.. Don’t worry you have a whole year ahead to up the tempo!

In this circuit, your focus is on the basics and just completing each repetition of each exercise with proper form. No need to rush or go through as fast as you can. Don’t ever sacrifice speed of execution for form!
We can’t argue that there is nothing quite like the feeling of successfully completing a challenge, and this is my first fitness challenge for you in 2014.. So go get it!! SUCCESS..


  • Your body & a mat. That’s it..


  • Complete 10 reps of each exercise in a circuit style, back to back (if alternating sides do 10X PER SIDE), except for jump jacks where you’ll do 30 reps.
  • Rest 1 min (or less) after you’ve completed all 10 exercises, then restart the circuit for desired # of sets. Aim for 3-4 sets of this circuit.


  1. Air Squats
    Raise arms up as you squat down, keeping weight in your heels. Lower arms as you stand back up
  2. Push-ups
    Try as many as you can on your FEET, before going to your knees if you need.
  3. Shoulder to knee “bicycle” ab crunches
    Keep elbows out in line with the ears and trying to reach your “shoulder” to you opposite knee
  4. Burpees (advanced: ad a pushup when in plank position)
    Jump up then out to straight arm plank, back in and up to stand = 1 rep.
  5. Reverse lunge knee up (advanced: jump up as you raise your knee)
    Lunge back then raise back knee up to your chest, then go right back into lunge and repeat for reps)
  6. Forearm front plank
    Hold 60 seconds
  7. Full Military Sit-Up + Double Reach
    All the way up and down, knees bent keeping feet on floor throughout.  (Modified version: extend legs straight on the ground and/or keep arms extended out in front of you)
  8. Forearm Side plank
    Hold 30 sec right side, repeat 30 sec left side
  9. “Superman” Back extensions
    Hold the top of each rep for 3-5sec
  10. Jumping Jacks *X30*

Created by Justine Keyserlingk CPT, CNP