A couple weeks back one of my regular spinning students approached me about getting the names of some of the songs from that spin class. I mentioned how I often share my full class playlists on my 8tracks music page (an online music sharing site) which is accessible to anyone. She said she had checked it out and liked the idea but the only downside was that for a given playlist, each song plays one at a time with a limit on the times you can skip a song; the idea being to encourage the listener to stream through whole playlist from beginning to end. So I understood her frustration if she wanted to see the playlist as a whole and look up the songs that interested her most.
Sooo… she suggested this:

What a great idea! I sent her a screenshot of my spin playlist directly from my itunes.  This way, she would have the full titles & artist names so she could look up the songs she preferred herself. On the same token, I figured many of you may want to check it out to add on to your own workout music repertoire.

Most of these can be found either on itunes, or (as you can see I love using remixes that may not be as well known) by entering the title on google, you can easily be directed to a music site (soundclod, youtube etc) where you can usually have options of downloading them. I will periodically post some more killer playlists for you guys ­čÖé

To stream this exact playlist and more from beginning to end, check it out on my 8tracks music page 

If you have any further questions about the music or anything else feel free to contact me at Justine@justgetfit.ca